Prime No.7 Korean BBQ x Ugly Chicken

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Our mission is simple

Quality is our top priority, from our ingredients to our cooking method.
We serve only the highest quality dishes.

Oodea Galbi

"Prime No.7 Creekstone Farm MasterChef Choice Short Rib"
As our name asserts, only the 7th rib of the rack, which contains the most marbling, is used. Cut & grilled right at your table, Prime No.7 signature rib is aged & seasoned to perfection, and the coconut shell charcoal smoke grill adds an extra layer of flavor that will delight the whole table.

Prime No.7 Tofu Soup

"Tradition in Every Bowl"
Prime No.7 Tofu Soup is made with freshly curdled Silken Tofu, eight different varieties of toppings, and five different spicy levels to ensure you can indulge in our Signature Soup however you'd like.
Prime No.7 Korean BBQ x Ugly Chicken
Business hours
Sunday - Thursday: 12pm - 9:30pm
Friday - Saturday: 12pm - 10:30pm
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Prime No.7 Korean BBQ & Tofu
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